Are you at least partially based in the Czech Republic? Do you come from countries like Germany, Poland (or another former eastern-block country), an English speaking country or Latin America?

We have a business opportunity for you.

Help us find a market for our unique web platform on WordPress,, which allows users to build a sustainable web + online business system (including emailing, online sales etc.)

MioWeb is now well established in CZ and currently we are looking for new markets abroad.

Who are we looking for

  • Czech or at least English speaking expat based in Brno or Prague
  • Country of origin: Germany, Poland (or any other from East Central Europe), English speaking country, Latin America
  • Experienced in local or even global business
  • Basic sales and/or online marketing skills
  • Enthusiastic about start-ups and willing to take responsibility in building a new business on your own

Who are we?

We are a young team of developers, marketers and support people enthusiastic about helping small and middle size businesses to grow by allowing them to build clean responsive websites with plenty of sales functions and thus growing their businesses.

What would be your responsibility?

To find a market for our product in your home country. That means looking for new partners amongst graphic designers, web developers and agencies, presenting them our product and helping them to use it for websites of their clients.

How would your job look like?

  • Working in our office in Brno (or in Prague) with us at least 2 days a week so you get to know us, the application and our business model very well
  • Working remotely for the rest of the week and building your own business with our full support
  • Calling and emailing potential clients abroad
  • Helping us with business strategy in the country you know better then we do
  • Consulting the client's needs and country specific features and hepling us develop the product to fit your market
  • Helping with translation into your native language 

How does MioWeb work?

See this video that shows how easily one can edit a website in MioWeb:

You can find more infos about MioWeb in Czech language here >>

Some nice looking sites built by our customers.

Let us know immediately

If this is something that you are interested in, send us an email on with your CV accompanied by a couple of lines about why you would like to do this job. 

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